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We're Bringing Traditional Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do to Orlando

Jyanguru Dojo is unique in that it's founded in tradition, having strong roots tied to the originators of Karate in Japan, but also the real life application of the kihon (basics), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring) from Sensei Seth's successful pro-fighting career. Jyanguru Dojo also puts a strong emphasis on health and wellness. Taken from his training regimen as a pro-athlete: getting in shape, conditioning the body, and cardio are very important. Sensei Seth has so much passion for Karate and it shows in his teaching. He loves to share all his knowledge with the world and he hopes he can open everyone's eyes to the beauty karate-do possesses.

The mission and drive of Jyanguru Dojo is to focus on the traditional aspect of Karate-do. We embrace the characteristics of its training and challenge our students, developing the mind and body as one. We strive for perfection of character; developing Courtesy, Courage, Humility, Integrity and Self-Control in every individual no matter what background. We strive to help the student achieve whatever their goals may be and to improve your quality of life through physically demanding training and mental toughness. We make sure to incorporate this mission all the while in a FUN, safe environment. At Jyanguru Dojo we train hard, but have fun doing it!

At Jyanguru dojo we teach Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do. Our style is a traditional Japanese classical Karate-do that passes the teachings of Soke Teruo Hayashi. Soke ("Grandmaster") Teruo Hayashi, the founder of Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu Karate was one of the most prominent figures in modern Karate-do. During his lifetime, he studied and adapted many different styles of Okinawan and Japanese Karate. His system of Karate-do was studied worldwide.

So if you're interested in starting or continuing your journey in this great art, just fill out the short form on your screen to get started in Orlando today!



We believe that respect for others begins with respect for yourself. In our classes, we emphasize showing courtesy towards your teachers, fellow students, and your own personal journey.



Having courage means that you're able and willing to deal with whatever may come your way. Whether it is protecting a loved one or starting a new career, we'll help instill the courage that is needed to succeed in all parts of life.



Our classes are centered around working together towards a greater purpose - and in order to be a good teammate, you need to practice humility. We lift each other up and aren't afraid to admit when we need to change our perspective.



You'll notice that our instructors and students all possess a strong moral code and believe in always taking the honest approach. Practicing Karate helps strengthen your integrity and you'll find a support system that will keep you accountable.



Without self-control in a class or in a real life situation, things can easily get dangerous or cause injury. We'll teach you how to use Karate to control your movements, your reactions, and your outlook.

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Meet our Instructors

Sensei Seth is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled, patient, and fun coaches I’ve had the pleasure of learning under. His coaching style is great for all skill levels. ....Read more

Luke Pustay

Awesome teacher, super helpful and patient. Classes are definitely a workout but all about technique. ....Read more

Traci Dowdy

Sensei Seth is a great instructor who really cares about each of his students. If you ever need help with anything or have any questions, he’s there to make sure you get the help you need. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have and the classes are always fun! ....Read more

Julia Berger

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