Sensei Yuki

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Sensei Yuki

Yuki is the administrator and the Instructor for Kobayashi Dojo. She has been training in Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu for 20 years and has completed the rank of San-Dan (third degree black belt). Yuki has competed in national and international competitions and has placed first in several events. She has also trained under Grand Master Teruo Hayashi and several of his top-ranked female competitors.
Yuki is the mother of 2 and is originally from Osaka, Japan. Yuki came to the United States as a high school exchange student. Having received her high school diploma in both Japan and the United States Yuki obtained a college associates degree from Harcum College.
With her background and understanding of both American and Japanese culture Yuki is adept at instructing adults and children of all ages. She is especially in tune to the needs of female students of all ages in helping them achieve their goals in Karate with her self-discipline and knowledge of Karate-do.
Her dedication and patience are displayed in all that she does from raising her children and helping her husband run the dojo to the countless volunteer hours she provides to the community. She sets a positive role model for the members of the community to follow.

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