Okinawan Kobudo in Orlando

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For the members that advance far in our traditional classes, we offer Okinawan Kobudo to help show off more of the origin of Kenshin Ryu. Learn weapon traditions and more with the help of our team at Jyanguru.

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What is Okinawan Kobudo?

Okinawan Kobudo is a Japanese term which can be translated as "Old Martial Way of Okinawa". It generally refers to several different weapon traditions of Okinawan origin. The most common being the bo, sai, tonfa, kama and nunchaku.

Teruo Hayashi, the founder of our karate system Hayashi-Ha, founded Kenshin Ryu. A name he chose to honor his two primary weapons teachers, Shinken Taira and Ryuei-ryu master Kenko Nakaima. Kenshin Ryu represents a great cross section of Kobudo from different styles with a touch of Hayashi’s own interpretation.

Teruo Hayashi’s kobudo syllabus is exclusively taught here at Jyanguru dojo. Sensei Seth was passed this knowledge of Kenshin Ryu from Shihan Dougherty, who learned directly from Teruo Hayashi. Sensei Seth also trained directly under Teruo Hayashi on many of his frequent visits to America.

Here at Jyanguru dojo we honor his legacy and keep the tradition alive by teaching this rare art form.

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Our Okinawan Kobudo classes offer intermediate and advanced students a deeper look into traditional martial arts.

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