Traci Dowdy

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Traci Dowdy

Traci Dowdy was born in raised in Haines city, Florida. She attended Polk State College and received her bachelor’s degree in business Supervision and Management. Traci is a passionate artist and started her own business, Wednesdays Collections, in selling her art, books, and doing custom pieces. She started karate in 2020 after watching classes at the Jungle MMA and Fitness while working out. She knew she wanted to do a mixed martial art and knew karate would be the best fit for her. As Traci is part Japanese, karate meant more to her in that it’s being more traditional and originating from Japan. After training and receiving her yellow belt, Traci asked if she could assist in the kids’ classes. She enjoys helping and teaching the kids the techniques while keeping it fun. As she continues her training, Traci is determined to receive her black belt at Jyanguru Dojo in Shito-Ryu karate. 

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